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What is Bail?

Bail bond – An undertaking by the principal to appear in court as required upon penalty of forfeiting bail to the State in a stated amount; and may include an unsecured appearance bond, a premium secured appearance bond, an appearance bond secured by a cash deposit of the full amount of the bond, an appearance bond secured by a mortgage pursuant to G.S. 58 74 5, and an appearance bond secured by at least one surety. A bail bond may also include a bond securing the return of a motor vehicle subject to forfeiture in accordance with G.S. 20 28.3 (e). Click here to read Chapter 58 Article 71.

How Does Bail Work?

Part of our responsibility as the association that represents the private bail industry is to educate potential bail agents, those we interact with daily and the public about bail and the benefits it brings to the state.

For many, bail and the details of how it works can be confusing. We see part of our responsibility as the association that represents the state’s bail agents, to educate all parties on the importance of bail to our justice system. The association has developed several tools to help you understand how private bail works in North Carolina and the role the North Carolina Bail Agents Association plays. Take a minute to review our video and mini-book to learn more.

There is much to learn about private bail and the benefits this system provides for North Carolina. Because of this, the association provides a Bail 101 section to help explain the basics of the private bail process.

We also offer in this section additional information on private bail and its benefits as well as some frequently asked questions about the industry. It is our hope that this information will help visitors understand the private bail industry.